Brendan McWhirk's Portfolio

My story, thus far...

Brendan McWhirk. Leo. Public school mentality. Private school demeanor. Pop culture junkie. Cult classic movie buff. Social media commentator.

Raised in a serene part of Maine, everything was peaceful, except me. I was this weird, creative kid, outspoken to say the least. I wasn’t a fisherman, hunter, or pine tree, so I left to fulfill my inner-nomadic drive to see the world. I ended up in Georgia, at the Savannah College of Art and Design where I earned my BFA in Advertising.

Copywriting was natural fit for me. It allows me to put an element of myself into my work, which is important in terms of artistic integrity. It’s my belief that your work should speak of you, as it does subjectivity. Pushing myself to think innovatively is a staple of my ethic. I aim to create fearlessly and write genuinely. If you look hard enough, heart exists in everything.

I appreciate you stopping by, avid reader, advertising enthusiast, whoever you are (Mom).