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IDEA: This new branch of allows you to give the ultimate gift to the future generations of your family. As of now, you can look up "where" and "when" your ancestors lived their lives. By using your relatives will be able to see "how" you lived yours. Your creative passions, interests, and talents will all be at their fingertips, archived in one place. Let your future relatives know the person behind the name, with

BENEFIT: Currently, pulls in primarily left-brain thinkers: the researchers, the history buffs, the information diggers. Artcestry pulls in a whole new target audience: the right-brained creatives.

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A creative collaboration between SCAD's Advertising & Motion Media departments.



COPYWRITING: Brendan McWhirk

MOTION MEDIA: Callie Barnard, Nick Fisch, Christian Kay, Eddy Nieto, Danyi Wang