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Salem Massachusetts is a tourist hot spot for so many people world-over, but I like to think it has an especially important meaning to me. Living less than an hour away, Salem surely spawned my interest of witches and all things magical as a kid (I was and still remain completely captivated). My frequent visits eventually lead to an unhealthy obsession with Halloween, which I still carry with me today. My motto each year is: go big or stay home. You only get to be someone else for one day a year, so be creative, aim to impress, and choose wisely.

Syndrome (2018)

Mojo Jojo (2017)

GASTON (2016)

Carl Fredricksen (2015)

genie (2014)

Captain jack sparrow (2013)

hades (2012)

Lord Voldemort (2011)

Mad Hatter (2010)