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"eco-scents" glade campaign

INSIGHT: Our favorite scents are inspired by our favorite places. Unfortunately, the places that we love, we also have a hand in destroying. Pollution, littering and carelessness ruin these environments, and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

IDEA: Provide people with the opportunity to lessen their eco-footprint and save the places that inspire their favorite scents.


65% of all paper products derive from Canadian forests. Like the ones that inspired Glade PlugIns "Fresh Mountain Mornings" scented oil. You can enjoy this fragrance in your home. But it's still best appreciated outdoors. Help protect it by recycling. Together we can conserve our forests and plug into something bigger than ourselves. We won't discontinue your favorite scent. You shouldn't either.

Cruise ships generate 200,000 gallons of sewage, polluting the Caribbean Sea surrounding the island of Aruba. These treasured waters inspired Glade Plugins "Aruba Wave" scented oil. You can vacation to this paradise at home, or in person, if we make smart long-term choices. Travel by air - less pollution, a crystal clear solution. Plug into a better tomorrow. We won't discontinue your favorite scent. You shouldn't either. 

Over one thousand varieties of flora are endangered throughout the Bahamas. Such destinations inspired Glade PlugIns "Island Escape" scented oil. Indulge in the tangy tropics at home. But remember, true beauty is best experienced in person. That's why we must appreciate with our noses, not our hands. And plug into a movement bigger than ourselves. We won't discontinue your favorite scent. You shouldn't either.

redesigned packaging

Redesigned packaging will provide two eco-friendly ways to get involved. On the back of each box you'll find an "Eco-code". Every Eco-code is redeemable at the Glade website for one dollar, which is then donated to the area that inspired your scent. The second way to get involved is by planting the seeds, contained in specially marked boxes. These seeds created the fragrance they're packaged with, so you can continue your favorite scent firsthand. 


Give back to the area that inspired your purchase by redeeming your Eco-code online.


People will be encouraged to Instagram their involvement using the hashtag #myecoscents.

scented elevator wrap

A scented elevator wrap will show people that with a single push to better the environment, they can make a big difference.

interactive board

Touchscreen interactive boards will be installed, allowing passerby to play a one minute game in which users tap the interface, spraying the onscreen plugin that restores a tarnished environment. This drives home a simple message: a little effort produces big results.

ART DIRECTION: Clarem Gonzalez-Cera, Hannah Rand
COPYWRITING: Brendan McWhirk