Brendan McWhirk's Portfolio

CLIENT: VEX Robotics is the world’s leader in competitive and classroom robotics. HEXBUG aims to teach kids about the world of STEM through educational play.

DUTIES: Brainstorming new products, copywriting for the HEXBUG & VEX Robotics brands, generating original social media content (copy, graphics, photography), running eight social media platforms, training and managing interns, working trade shows, writing Wordpress blog entries



BattleBots Arena Box Copy
Modeled after television’s favorite metallic warzone comes the HEXBUG BattleBots Arena! Watch head-to-head matches unfold inside this action-packed replica of the BattleBox, a perfect place to pit the world’s most notorious robots against one another! The HEXBUG BattleBots Arena includes four side walls, two regular corners, and two corners equipped with interactive weaponry. A fold-out game board features authentic graphics and plastic panels recreating the protective glass surroundings, just like on TV! Each playset also includes two I/R remote control BattleBots, Tombstone and Witch Doctor! The power of battle is in your hands!

This BattleBot can be summed up in one word “deadly”! Steer clear of Tombstone, the grave maker! With a sinister rotating blade, this worthy adversary is known to leave the competition six feet under. Rest in pieces!

Witch Doctor
Prepare to be spellbound! Wielding a sabotaging scoop front wedge and spinning vertical disc, this BattleBot creates a magic we call “chaos” for any opponent who dares to cross its path! Conjure and conquer!


BattleBots Rivals Box Copy
Fight your way to the brink of destruction in vicious head-to-head combat, with BattleBots Rivals! Wage war on your enemy and take no prisoners. Now you can bring the action of a merciless robot face off with you anywhere! Each BattleBot is equipped with signature sinister battle functions, so choose you combatant wisely! Using I/R controls, conquer any arena with Beta’s hostile hammer or Minotaur’s legendary spinning drum! After the battle is over, easily rebuild the defeated party for round two, if your opponent is up for the challenge!

The newest rendition of combatant is here, bring in Beta! This machine of the future is equipped with its signature swinging hammer! Every strike ensures enemies to fall and trophies to be won! Crush the competition!

Summon a robot of legendary proportions, make way for the Minotaur! Possessing a powerful drum spinner, this beast of the BattleBox thrives on a will to win thats anything but mythical! Take victory by the horns!



VEX Robotics Zip Flyer Box Copy
This robotic gadget is capable of shooting propellers over 30 feet in the air! Pull the zip-cord stick to release, the faster you pull, the higher they’ll go. The excitement doesn’t stop there, the VEX Robotics Zip Flyer can be built for both hand-held and tabletop action. Two ways to build, two ways to launch. Once it’s up and running, this model is fun for hours.

VEX Balancing Boxing Bots 2-Pack Box by HEXBUG Box Copy
Made from snap-together pieces, these “smart-tech” self-stabilizing fighters are ready to throw down. Using VEX Pilot App., you and a friend can control the robots' every action. Deliver swift uppercuts and jabs to your opponent! Put your skills to the test as you take on a friend as they wield their very own Boxing Bot. Maneuver your player to achieve the winning hit, and become the champion.

VEX Robotics Crossfire Paper Airplane Launcher Box Copy

Send paper planes soaring through the air with the VEX Robotics Crossfire Airplane Launcher by HEXBUG. This STEM kit promotes basic engineering skills through the process of simple snap-together assembly. Pump the handle and watch as your paper plane astonishingly soars over 30+ feet!



nano Space Cosmic Command Box Copy
Travel to another galaxy and step aboard the HEXBUG nano Space Discovery Station. Let your imagination take ahold of the story as your nano becomes a deep space voyager. Created to inspire children’s interest in space, this deluxe set highlights elements of an epic space odyssey. Dress your nano in a space suit, watch as it drives a rover and accesses the air lock passage. Playset comes with ion cannon and positionable satellite.

HEXBUG toy lines I’ve written for
AquaBots, BattleBots, BattleGround, Cuddlebots, Gladiators, Lil’ Nature Babies, Nitro Circus, Mechanicals, nano, Robotic Soccer, Tony Hawk Circuit Boards, and VEX Robotics Retail Kits