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"around the world in 8 ways" jell-o campaign

INSIGHT: Jell-O brings people together and is known for a specific movement.

WHICH MADE US SAY: How can we bring the world together and generate a movement of our own?

IDEA: Jell-O is one of the most internationally beloved desserts of all time. What better way to celebrate this delicious treat than by throwing a one-of-a-kind international celebration? Eight international flavors will be created and released, chosen by voters world-over. See what happens when Jell-O tastefully goes global.

Online Video Launch

This teaser trailer introduces the "Around the World in 8 Ways" campaign.

Website Resdesign

package design

in-store display

social initiative

The Jell-O van will throw mini release parties in the respected locales, with the new Jell-O flavors in tow.

The Jell-O van will also provide the party. Music will be played and guests will be encouraged to do their own "Jell-O jiggle," while dancing on top of a light-up piezoelectric dance pad. Piezoelectricity is energy produced by mechanical pressure, such as dancing. Once pressure is applied to the floor, sensors capture an electric charge. This electricity is then stored and used as a power source.

This power source is sent, along with clean water and necessary appliances to locations that wouldn't be able to experience something as simple as Jell-O. Not only does this allow people the experience of tasting a new snack, but provides means to improve living conditions. This gives the ability to anyone, regardless of location to take part and join hands with us, in internationally celebrating Jell-O.


COPYWRITING: Brendan McWhirk


SOUND: Tommy Sarioglou

VOICEOVER: Mary Ann Kafati