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"countdown to the cure" keurig campaign

IDEA: In 45 seconds, you can brew a quality cup of coffee to cure your "morning zombie".



Even if you're up and walking, that doesn't mean you aren't dead to the world. In 45 seconds, the cure's within reach.


No one wants their photo taken first thing in the morning, but now it's necessary. Do your part in documenting the zombie outbreak, and take a photo of the morning zombie that lurks in your home. Upload the photo with the hashtag #curemorningzombie.

K-Cup Redesign

Gift Set

Limited edition "Countdown to the Cure" gift sets will be released. 

black Friday mall kiosk

Kiosks will be installed in malls for Black Friday, dispensing gift sets for families who need a little reanimation during the holiday season

ACTIVATION: zombie quarantine

An actress will play the part of "morning zombie", confined within a quarantine box in the middle of a heavily trafficked park. Upon a bystander pushing Keurig's iconic blue button (located on the front of the quarantine box), audiences will watch as she transforms from a groaning ghoul to caffeinated and cured, in 45 seconds. 

ART DIRECTION: Sayako Minami

COPYWRITING: Brendan McWhirk

VIDEO ELEMENT: Clarem Gonzalez-Cera