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"also for everything" solo campaign

IDEA: Solo cups are America's official poster-child for partying. But be mindful, not all who sport Solo are drinking alcohol. Enjoy any beverage, anytime. Discover the many uses of Solo cups.

tv spot

The commercial introduces audiences to the "Also for Everything" campaign.

pinterest ad

Melinda brought red cups to the prom. All the senior girls did. And now they're literally crazy dancing and getting so much attention from the football guys. I heard it's because they added a little something to the refreshments. Orange zest. PG perfect proms. Solo cup, also for fruit punch.

sick bag ad

There's no shame in proclaiming your baggage and admitting you can't fly without a drink. 1 before the flight, 2 in mid-air, your red cup ritual. Let the judgmental faces of faux-friendly passengers watch as you knock 'em back. You know what feels good. And if you start feeling out of sorts keep your composure; we bestow on you this bag, and free round trip to the lavatory. An aide for the anti-aerial. Solo cup, also for Ginger-Ale.

pandora spot

ART DIRECTION: Sayako Minami, Hannah Rand

COPYWRITING: Brendan McWhirk